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New album "Imagination"

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On April 10, 2021, the young Russian pianist Julia Perminova, who has successfully established herself on the jazz scenes of Moscow, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, released her solo album “Imagination”.
 Julia Perminova was born and raised in the small Siberian city Tyumen, which she describes as “the most hospitable place in Russia, but unfortunately with no opportunities for a small girl who just started playing jazz and now cannot get enough of it”. Even though she went through Russia’s infamous classical piano program, she always had trouble sticking to the notes on the page and wanted to deviate to her own story. 
Soon, Julia left Siberia and moved to Moscow, where her career took off quickly. She studied with Russia’s foremost jazz pedagogues at the prestigious Gnessin Academy and started playing with Russian jazz luminaries such as Igor Butman (Chick Corea) and Valery Ponomarev (Art Blakey). 
But living in Moscow, the pianist realised that she needed to go even further from her Siberian hometown. Encouraged by victories at international jazz competitions in Spain and Romania, she decided to further her studies in Europe, where during the past three years, she found a new playground for her musical ideas. Julia got to play with a variety of artists such as Ronnie Cuber (George Benson) and performed her own music in venues such as Sunset Sunside (Paris), Zig Zag (Berlin) and Bimhuis (Amsterdam).
 Even though she is still a student, Julia is a in-demand musicians for a variety of styles. She is returning to her hometown where she wrote award winning musicals for children, she arranged music for the Bangladeshi pop star Taposh and performed with him on national television, went to Mongolia and China to perform on jazz festivals. 
Travelling around the world Julia Perminova felt inspired to write music that could translate the palette of emotions she went through on her trips. She started to make videos of herself playing short songs and posted them on social media, where the community’s response was very positive. Having collected a few dozen songs, the pianist decided to record a selection for an album. In these songs, she is referring to some of her most memorable experiences: starting with "Lights of Tyumen" (dedicated to Julia's hometown) and ending with "Caribbean Rainfall” (written while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea), Julia is painting a colourful image of a world that highlights beauty in places where it is not expected. Her musical approach is strongly influenced by the pianistic virtuosity of Rachmaninov and Ravel whilst keeping a Satie-like simplicity, which makes the music easily relatable. Furthermore, Julia Perminova mentions rhythms from jazz, Irish music, and dance music as influences, as you can hear on “Irish Fairytale” or “Rhythm of your Heart”.
Altogether, the songs from “Imagination” will take its listener on a journey around the world, giving insight into Julia Perminova’s experiences. “Since our world makes it difficult for all of us sometimes, I hope that I can give my listeners moments of hope, joy and inner peace, I want everybody to feel that there is beauty inside each of us”, Julia states. 
“Imagination” is available digitally on bandcamp and on streaming platforms, physical copies can be ordered on

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Unique jazz pianist

from the heart of Siberia

Image by Jonathan Knepper

Album "Revival"

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"Imagination" piano book
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 Julia Perminova is a young talented pianist and composer. She was born in Tyumen, which is a city in the Siberian part of Russia. Julia started practicing music at the age of 4.

A year later she started taking piano classes at a local music school. Julia had a success there, winning the competition for the best anthem for the school. In 2005 Julia entered Tyumen College of Arts, pop and jazz music department. During her study there she was noticed by professionals and invited to join one of the best jazz bands of the Tyumen region, which was later to become the Governor's orchestra. In 2011 Julia moved to Yekaterinburg, playing with the best jazz bands there and establishing her own projects: Free Organ Trio and New Time Quartet.  In 2013 Julia moved to Moscow to study in the Gnessin Academy of Music, which she graduated in 2017 with an an honors degree. Being a freshman at the Academy, Julia won several international competitions: Kim Nazaretov Contest for young jazz musicians (Rostov-on-Don, 2013), "Grand Piano in Jazz" contest (Moscow, 2014), Gnesin's Jazz (Moscow, 2014), Johnny Răducanu International Jazz Festival (Brăila, Romania, 2014). In 2015 Julia was introduced as one of participants on International Festival "Future of Jazz", organized by a famous Russian saxophonist Igor Butman.

 Julia also took a part in various jazz festivals playing with famous Russian and foreign musicians such as Lionel Loueke, Ronnie Cuber, Valeriy Ponomaryov, Vladimir Spivakov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and others. In 2018 she released her trio album “Revival”, which was recorded in Moscow.  In 2018 Julia moved to Europe. In 2021 she graduated as a Master from Jazz Institute (Berlin, Germany). Julia always takes part in different international musical projects whilst also leading her own trio. Studying in different European countries Julia has performed with her original music in famous jazz venues such as “Zig Zag” (Berlin), “Sunside Sunset” (Paris), “Bimhuis” (Amsterdam). In 2021 Julia Perminova released her solo piano album “Imagination”, which was recorded in Amsterdam. In the same year Julia became a member of a prestigious international jazz program "Focusyear band" where she regularly performs with famous jazz artists from NY and Europe. 



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