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New album "Way To My Star"

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  On May 1 2022 Russian pianist Julia Perminova has released her second piano solo album called “Way to My Star” in collaboration with a young painter Liza Perminova.

  “Way to My Star” is a creative project run by two close-knit talented sisters with distinctive personalities, who have both been fascinated by space since childhood. As fate would have it, they live in different countries now. They were born in a small Siberian town surrounded by endless coniferous forests under a clear starlit sky. The girls would often watch celestial bodies together, and when their family got a small telescope, they became even keener on astronomy. It inspired their creativity. The elder sister, pianist Julia, wrote music pieces named “Venus”, “Mars”, “The Moon”, etc. while studying at the music school. Sometime later, her younger sister Liza began painting original cosmic style pictures.

  Being talented and determined, the sisters have always been moving forward. Julia Perminova lives in Switzerland now, successfully participating in several music projects involving famous jazz musicians. A year ago she released a debut solo album “Imagination” comprising cinematic piano pieces dedicated to her travels. The album has gripped its listeners’ hearts, and Julia decided to continue writing pieces in the same style. Liza Perminova lives and studies in Moscow painting pictures that never leave her fans untouched.

  Each being a professional in her own field, pianist Julia is an art appreciator and artist Liza is a music lover. Inspired by each other’s work they decided to set up a collaborative project. The idea of the project is to combine music and visual art and to immerse the audience into the atmosphere of distant and unexplored worlds of the Universe.

  “Way to My Star” album envelops you from the first seconds. A variety of light and bright improvisational passages combined with experiments in modern jazz harmony and synthesized sound effects reflect the charming beauty and depth of the cosmic world.

  The music helps you forget everyday worries and fills your imagination with colorful images, incredible scenery, bringing up a wide range of emotions with diverse palette of sound colors: from bright to sad ones, from restless to serene. The album visual art is by painter Liza Perminova. Her bright cosmic watercolors can be found both on the cover and inside the CD package.

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“Julia Perminova is a pianist to keep an ear out for — she has an inventive, colorful and poetic musical mind, and I look forward to hearing much more from her in the future.” - Aaron Parks

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"Imagination" piano book
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"Imagination" piano book
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After the payment you will be redirected to a google drive folder with the PDF. 

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 Julia Perminova is a talented pianist and composer. She was born in Tyumen, which is a city in the Siberian part of Russia. Julia started practicing music at the age of 4.

 A year later she started taking piano classes at a local music school. Julia had a success there, winning the competition for the best anthem for the school. In 2005 Julia entered Tyumen College of Arts, pop and jazz music department. During her study there she was noticed by professionals and invited to join one of the best jazz bands of the Tyumen region, which was later to become the Governor's orchestra. In 2011 Julia moved to Yekaterinburg, playing with the best jazz bands there and establishing her own projects: Free Organ Trio and New Time Quintet.  In 2013 Julia moved to Moscow to study in the Gnessin Academy of Music, which she graduated in 2017 with an honors degree. As a freshman at the Academy, Julia won several international competitions: Kim Nazaretov Contest for young jazz musicians (Rostov-on-Don, 2013), "Grand Piano in Jazz" contest (Moscow, 2014), Gnesin's Jazz (Moscow, 2014), Johnny Răducanu International Jazz Festival (Brăila, Romania, 2014). In 2015 Julia was introduced as one of participants on International Festival "Future of Jazz", organized by a Russian saxophonist Igor Butman.

 Julia also took a part in various jazz festivals playing with musicians such as Lionel Loueke, Ronnie Cuber, Miguel Zenon, Vladimir Spivakov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and others. In 2018 she released her trio album “Revival”, which was recorded in Moscow.  In 2018 Julia moved to Europe. In 2021 she graduated as a European Jazz Master (EuJam) from the Jazz Institute Berlin (Germany).

 Julia always takes part in different international musical projects whilst also leading her own trio. Studying in different European countries Julia has performed with her original music in venues such as “Zig Zag” (Berlin), “Sunside Sunset” (Paris), “Bimhuis” (Amsterdam). In 2021 Julia Perminova released her solo piano album “Imagination”, which was recorded in Amsterdam. In the same year Julia became a member of a prestigious international jazz program "Focusyear band" (Basel, Switzerland) where she regularly performed with famous jazz artists from NY and Europe. In 2022 Perminova released her second solo album "Way To My Star". In april 2023 Julia is releasing her new album.


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