Julia Perminova

Unique jazz pianist from the heart of Siberia



Julia Perminova is a young  and  talented  pianist and composer. Born in Tyumen, Siberia, Russia. 
In 2017 graduated Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, Russia. Being a freshman at the Academy, Julia won several international competitions: Kim Nazaretov Contest for young jazz musicians (Rostov-on-Don), "Grand Piano in Jazz" contest (Moscow), Gnesin's Jazz (Moscow), Johnny Răducanu International Jazz Festival (Brăila, Romania), "International Talent" (Costa Brava, Spain). Also she took a part in various jazz festivals playing with famous Russian and foreign musicians: Ronie Cuber, Valeriy Ponomaryov, Vitaliy Golovnev, Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra. 
In 2016 she released her first album, wich called “Luminiscense” of project “Amber Sept” with famous russian drummer Ignat Kravtsov. Also Julia has her own trio where she plays her own music. In 2018 she released her album "Revival", which was recorded in Moscow.
Now Julia is a student of Jazz Institute (Berlin, Germany). She performs with various musicians in different venues of Europe. 
In 2020 she is planning to record two albums - solo piano and jazz album (collaboration with many artists).
Julia Perminova is a very intelligent and talented musician. She always brings a touch of her very special expression and sincerity to the projects she is involved in. Her music is so full of vital power that neither the audience nor the musicians themselves are left untouched.


Jazz-therapy for clearing your mind.

Listening to the instrumental music written by pianist Julia Perminova one can discover deep intelligence and equilibrium of a boundless soul. Contemplative jazz by a beautiful woman from Siberia.
It’s when serenity prevails over passion, and chaos is being structured. Tamed force of nature properly guided with a soft feminine touch. A wise will hidden behind a soft smile.
Julia Perminova’s music is just as interesting as a conversation between two mature people can be. It’s an unpredictable music discussion where truth is not born but rather inherent in every word.
Reasoning, meaning, and wit make up her language. A gentle touch based on the unshakeable inner resilience is her style. And her personality is friendly serious-mindedness, sincerity that invites you for a dialogue.
If your soul is craving for some refreshing intelligent music, you’ve come to the right place. It restores you mentally and helps you gather your thoughts. Jazz-therapy for clearing your mind.
It’s also worth mentioning that this music will suit both connoisseurs and newcomers. It is meaningful and apprehensible at the same time. It doesn’t overwhelm you with any excessive complexity or confusing intricacy. It’s not some kind of “sophisticated jazz”, it does not seem melancholic, or heavyweight, or oversaturated. It is perceived as calm, sensible, and competent narration. Like clear skies after bad weather or a wise and insightful glimpse dissolving worries and hesitations. Ideal for rebooting your brain.


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